Regional Representatives

Regional representatives

Many customers of Diamond Capital INV Limited don't want to be ordinary investors - they help us to develop our business worldwide. Undoubtedly, it helps to promote the investment program and attract a large number of people interested in a passive income. We make every effort to make such initiative of our partners has been adequately rewarded. If you want to represent the company in your country - get the status of an official representative of Diamond Capital INV Limited.

In order to become representative you should meet the following requirements:

  1. Your active deposit is equal to or greater than $200.
  2. You already have 5 or more active referrals.
  3. Once your status will be upgraded to regional representative, the company will add a bonus into your account in a form of the active deposit of $100.
  4. Every 30 days the bonus amount will increase by 100$. (For example, 30 days - 100$, 60 days - 200$, 90 days - $ 300 and so on).

To obtain this status you need to send information about yourself to this email address to enter your username in our program, as well as contact details (email address and links to social networks). After checking Your account, users of the site will be able to find your affiliate link in this section.

Name Login (with ref link) Country Contacts
Example Example198 United Kingdom
777FDNG 777FDNG Vietnam
Graspgoldcom Graspgoldcom United Kingdom