• About the company

  • What is Diamond Capital INV Limited?

    Diamond Capital INV Limited is engaged in profitable earnings due to mining, processing and trading of precious stones and metals. On this basis the company builds its relationship with clients all over the world when doing a highly profitable business.

  • Since when does the company operate on the market?

    Diamond Capital INV Limited operates worldwide since 2014 under Seychelles registration. In 2016 the company's subsidiary was also registered in London, UK.

  • How does the company use attracted funds?

    Diamond Capital INV Limited covers most of the costs associated with the production, logistics and processing of precious stones

  • Where are your public offices we can visit?

    First of all, you can come to our headquarter at Suite 15, Neverland Complex, Rue de L'Olivette, Providence Po Box 1422, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles. Residents of the UK and the European Union can meet with company representatives in London. Please check physical address in the contacts section.

  • What are working hours of your offices?

    You can contact us personally during regular working hours, from 09:00am to 05:30pm, Monday through Friday.

  • Where are the main production facilities of Diamond Capital INV Limited?

    The company cooperates with major suppliers of rough diamonds in Africa.

  • Is the company an officially registered company in the Great Britain?

    Yes, Diamond Capital INV Limited is officially registered in the United Kingdom in November 2016. Company registration number is 10474346. Registered office address: 75 Whitechapel Road, London, England, E1 1DU.

  • How can I check your UK registration?

    Diamond Capital INV Limited was listed by Companies House on November 11, 2016. You can visit the website of registrar to find detailed information:

  • Are my investments safe with your company?

    Yes, we only offer safe cooperation and avoid any lose.

  • How long does the company plan to operate?

    We hope that our investment activity will gain momentum. Many local diamond miners are ready to work productively but they can't because of lack of working capital. Diamond Capital INV Limited has an excellent business plan, which can be stretched for many years during which we will bring a steady income.

  • About personal account

  • Who can be investor of Diamond Capital INV Limited?

    We invite to cooperation all comers. Our investment project is international, so you can become an investor, regardless of your country of residence. Just fill a registration form to start investing.

  • How can I become your investor?

    To get started you need to register a personal account. Then you can make a deposit and become an active client and make money.

  • How many accounts can I register?

    Diamond Capital INV Limited allows to register and use only one account. In case of violation this rule the company does not guarantee return of your investment.

  • Can I log into my account from different IP’s?

    Yes, no problem.

  • It seems I've lost my password and can't log into account. What should I do?

    Make sure that you enter correct login and password or reset your password using special function on login page.

  • Can I delete my account?

    No, this is technically impossible.

  • About investments

  • What is your investment proposal?

    You can select any desired strategy or easily combine them with a few deposits at the same time with different investment terms from 20 days and more. Your daily profit can be 6% when choosing short period or 3% for 60 days.

  • What is possible minimum investment?

    Any of two investment plans requires the same minimum amount to start - only $20.

  • How can I make a deposit?

    You can invest and withdraw using the most commonly used payment methods: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Payza and Bitcoin.

  • When are profits accrued?

    Your accruals are every calendar day, including weekends and holidays.

  • When will I get my first profit?

    Your first accrual will be next day, after 24 hours since your money was added to your account.

  • Can I get my deposit back?

    Your deposit is included in daily accrual and can’t be withdrawn.

  • How many deposits can I have at the same time?

    Number of deposits is not limited, you can invest as many times as you want, use same plan or combine investment strategies.

  • Is there compounding option to increase my deposit?

    No, but feel free to make a new deposit from your account balance using profits, - the minimum for this is $20.

  • About withdrawals

  • Are there automated payments?

    No, to get a payout you have to make withdrawal request.

  • What is the limit of withdrawal amount?

    Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1. No maximum limit.

  • How fast can I withdraw money?

    To provide maximum safety of investors and their funds all withdrawal requests are processed in manual mode within 24 hours.

  • Can I make deposit using one payment method but withdraw using another one?

    No, you can only withdraw same e-currency you have invested.

  • About partnership

  • Is there any affiliate program?

    Our partners can earn more due one-tier affiliate program and reward only depends on a number of referrals - the more partners you have the more you can earn.

  • Who can earn affiliate commission?

    Anyone who has account on our website can become a partner and use referral link.

  • How can I use affiliate program?

    Each registered user has unique referral link in his personal account. You have to share this link with people you want to make your referrals. Regardless of whether you have an active deposit or not, affiliate commission will be accrued.

  • Should I have my own active deposit to attract referrals?

    No, even if you don’t have a deposit you can share your referral kink and get affiliate reward.

  • How many referrals should I have to be rewarded?

    If you have up to 5 referrals your commission is 6%, from 6 to 10 referrals – 8%, from 11 to 20 referrals – 10% and more than 20 referrals – 12%.

  • When affiliate commission is accrued?

    Affiliate commission is accrued immediately after your referral made deposit. Then you can make request for its withdrawal as ordinary profit. Accrual of commission is made in the same electronic currency as your referral's deposit.

  • How to increase my affiliate reward?

    To earn more you can become our regional representative, this allows you to get bonus of $100.

  • How to become company representative?

    You need to meet the minimum requirements and send us required information which we will add on the website.

  • What are requirements to become company representative?

    To apply representative status you should have active deposit of at least $200 and attract 5 and more referrals.

  • What is representative bonus?

    After you became a representative your active deposit will be increased on $100. Every 30 days the bonus amount will increase by 100$. (For example, 30 days - 100$, 60 days - 200$, 90 days - $ 300 and so on).