Company NEWS

  • New payment system - Yandex money

    Jan-11-2017 09:36:45 PM

    We have added new payment system - Yandex money. From now you can make investments and make withdrawals to Yandex money.We are planing to add more payment systems in the future.Best regards

  • Added russian localization of the website.

    Jan-9-2017 03:37:29 PM

    Within development geography investment platform Diamond Capital INV Limited we have launched Russian version of our website. We continue to tailor our investment platform to the needs of our investors. We hope that this step will bring more comfort to our customers.


    Dec-31-2016 08:13:00 AM

    Company DIAMOND CAPITAL INV LIMITED wishes You a happy NEW YEAR ! We wish You success and fulfillment of all Your desires in the NEW YEAR.

  • The steady growth of the diamond market.

    Dec-20-2016 09:01:34 PM

    Experts say that the market for diamonds, demand for diamonds will continue for a long time. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to make investments in diamonds. With this kind of investment, You not only get a beautiful, legalresponsibility, convertible currency. It is used in all countries.The diamond market is quite stable until 2020. So dont be afraid to invest their money in diamonds. Such investment can bring the owner a significant profit.To increase the value of diamonds in the future may have the effect of macroeconomic uncertainty, which inevitably will be combined with the access to Finance.The basis of marketing are long-term (three-year) contracts for the supply of raw materials with the largest consumers in the world. DIAMOND CAPITAL INV LIMITED has signed such contracts with a number of market participants from Russia, Belgium, India, Israel and Hong Kong SAR, China. This is a major manufacturers of diamonds and jewelry, has proved its worth, with well-organized system of sales of their products. They guarantee minimum volumes and assortment of monthly supplies, and the ability by mutual consent of the parties to adjust the volumes to buy a product in the range is not stipulated by the contract. The main activity of this group of customers is the production and sale of diamonds and jewelry.

  • We wish You success and financial well-being!

    Dec-12-2016 09:13:47 AM

    Many people around the world have already heard about Diamond Capital INV Limited before we launched of this investment program. The company offers favorable conditions for cooperation using its own experience and powerful technical resources. Representative offices worldwide and reputable business partners allow us to constantly increase production volume and processing of precious stones, to be involved in all business processes from the material maintenance of mines and logistics to faceting of stones and further selling. Official registration of the company in offshore zone and control by the British government are reliable guarantee for customers who are investing, as well as for partners promoting our investment online. This means that we offer not only highly profitable but also a safe partnership. This day we begin to expand the geography of our service outside Great Britain and offer quality investment for everyone. We've passed a serious preparation levels of our investment project and analyzed all possible steps and options for successful development in order to prevent critical errors, financial losses and of course complaints from customers. The automated platform has been thoroughly tested and eliminates technical problems. Diamond Capital INV Limited is ready to win the trust and loyalty of investors, to become reliable financial partner for storing and increasing your funds. We are grateful to all who participated in the preparation and launch of the website as well as formation of a business plan for the next five years. If you have any questions about investments refer to the customer support service to obtain the necessary information in its entirety! We wish you success and financial well-being!

  • We are in Facebook and Twitter

    Dec-9-2016 02:51:01 PM

    Diamond Capital INV Limited pays much importance to the development of communication channels. We will not neglect the modern methods of information dissemination and would like to stay in touch as long as possible, our investors need to feel connected to the company and understand that they are not indifferent to us. Certainly, our customer support team is ready to answer all your questions at any time. You can contact operators by sending a ticket from your account using the feedback form, writing us an email or calling our London office. Investors with deposits of more than $10,000 have a personal manager, which can organize meeting in our UK office. Today we updated our communicative channels by adding the official pages of company in Facebook and Twitter. We recommend that you subscribe to an updates of Diamond Capital INV Limited to be in the epicenter of events and receive news one of the first. We thank all of you for your cooperation!

  • Launch of investment program

    Dec-9-2016 02:50:00 PM

    Diamond Capital INV Limited is pleased to announce about the launch of modern investment program that's intended to both novice and professional moneymakers from anywhere and certainly can be the first step for those who want to make money on market of precious stones. Our experts make every effort to run this earning system simple, clear and available to everyone. Any of two investment plans requires the same minimum amount to start - only $20. This means that you can select any desired strategy or easily combine them with a few deposits at the same time with different investment terms from 20 days and more. Your daily profit can be 6% when choosing short period or 3% for 60 days. You can invest and withdraw using the most commonly used payment methods. Besides, our partners can earn more due one-tier affiliate program and reward only depends on a number of referrals - the more partners you have the more you can earn.